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Your Pizza Stone is Perfect for Cooking Thanksgiving Turkey!   With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it’s time to put your Cast Elegance pizza stone away for the time being, right? Hold on. Not so fast. Your pizza stone could be your key to success this holiday season. In this short article, we explain how your Cast Elegance […]

Why a Cast Elegance pizza stone is the answer to the crispiest crust every time Just like pizzas; pizza lovers come in all shapes and sizes. For some it has to be the Classic New York Chicago style pizza loaded with spicy hot pepperoni, dripping with creamy mozzarella. Then there are those that like a […]

They say there’s a time for every purpose under heaven. At least, that’s what the famous Byrds of the 60s used to say in all their songs. Well, in the same spirit, there’s a kitchen tool that is well suited to every given purpose. Today, we’re going to talk about no other purpose than one […]