Best Pizza Stone for Grill - Pizza Stone for Oven - High Quality Thermarite

Best Pizza Stone for Grill and Ovens

Due to its superior durability, incredible thermal shock capabilities, and specially formulated Thermarite material its made from, the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone is the best pizza stone for grill and ovens available on the market.

Using a Pizza Stone on the Grill

There’s nothing like having family and friends gathered around a backyard grill eagerly awaiting a freshly cooked wood-fired pizza! It’s such a fun activity and you can’t go wrong with throwing your own fresh ingredients on top of a crispy, freshly cooked base. But, to create that slightly smoky, cheesy, wood-smoked pizza goodness on your grill, you’ll need the right type of bbq pizza stone. To learn all that you need to know about using the best pizza stone for grill and ovens, read on.

What Makes the Cast Elegance the Best Pizza Stone for Grill and Ovens?

While most of the advice you’ll read about how to prevent your pizza stone from cracking will say to preheat the stone, use dough at room temperature, handle it minimally, let it cool down gradually and avoid high heats, here at Cast Elegance, we don’t think those precautions are always practical.

Instead, we’ve developed what many are saying is the best pizza stone for grill and ovens on the market, engineered to last and withstand direct high heat from the BBQ grill or conventional oven. Our Cast Elegance Pizza Stone is different because it’s crafted from a unique Thermarite technology which allows it to:

  • Handle extreme amounts of thermal shock without any damage or cracking
  • Shields your pizza from the intense heat of the grill which can otherwise cause burning
  • Absorbs moisture giving your pizza our signature crispy crust
  • Does NOT give off Nasty Burning smells like other pizza stones
  • Offers better heat retention so your pizza will cook faster
  • Comes ready to use without any seasoning or conditioning
  • Certified by the FDA and the European Union so you know it’s safe to cook on.

Because of the exceptional strength and ability to handle direct high heat such as the flame of a grill, our extremely durable Cast Elegance pizza stone is ideal to be used in both conventional ovens and outdoor pizza ovens as well as all types of backyard grills, all while avoiding the common problem most other fragile clay and ceramic pizza stones have of cracking. Its no wonder why so many people have stated the Cast Elegance stones are the best pizza stone for grill money can buy.

Our pizza stone is made of a proprietary blend of cordierite known as Thermarite which not only absorbs the moisture in your pizza dough, giving it that delicious crispy crust, it also has superior Thermal Shock properties which ensures your stone wont crack or break like most other pizza stones. Certified safe and FDA Approved our pizza stones come with a FREE recipe e-book and a FREE pizza scraper and a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well.

The Cast Elegance pizza stone passed the United States Food and Drug Administration’s strict guidelines and is certified safe, as well as the stringent standards of the RoHS, German Food Code, and the European Union Safety Standards. The Cast Elegance Pizza stone is made of Thermarite, and has been heat treated at over 2000° Fahrenheit, creating strength with amazing thermal shock capabilities, making our pizza stone crack resistant and extremely durable.

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What Makes Ours the Best Pizza Stone for Grill & Ovens?

  1. Best Crispy Crust
  2. Crack Resistant
  3. Use in Ovens & Grills
  4. FDA Certified Safe
  5. No Odor When Heated
  6. Superior Thermal Shock Capabilities
  7. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  8. Extremely Durable
  9. FREE Pizza Scraper
  10. FREE Recipe e-Book
Best Pizza Stone for Grill

Pizza at Home with Stone Oven Results

The whole idea behind using a pizza stone at home is to shield the heat from your oven or grill while soaking up the moisture from your pizza crust. This helps to emulate the high heat temperatures of a professional pizzeria stone or brick oven even though your oven or grill won’t get anywhere near these high temps. But, to turn out a pizza that looks and tastes like it’s been made in a stone pizzeria oven from the old country, you need a high-quality pizza stone made of a durable crack resistant material like thermarite.

Made from our ultra-strong and durable, proprietary thermarite technology, Cast Elegance pizza stones for grilling and baking are by far the best way to create restaurant quality pizzas at home! With advanced thermal shock properties, superior heat retention and a moisture-absorbent core, you can use the best pizza stone for grill available to quickly become the master of the pizza oven in your own backyard.

Why Do Most Other Pizza Stones From the Competition Crack?

Simply put, most other pizza stones crack or break due to the fact that they are made of fragile materials such as clay or ceramics. Ultimately they are not designed to handle direct high heat or flames they need to withstand in a wood-fired, charcoal or gas style grill and have inferior thermal shock properties.

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Why Did Your Old Pizza Stone Crack?

It’s a bit of a catch 22 because the hotter you’re able to get your stone and grill, the more moisture your pizza stone will be able to absorb creating that perfect crispy crust. But most other pizza stones often crack from:

1. Putting a cold stone into a hot BBQ or oven. – Not Our Pizza Stone!

The thermal shock of quickly changing the temperature of your pizza stone can fracture the stone. Even if it doesn’t break this time, small cracks may develop which lie dormant until next time.

2. Placing cold or cool food onto the stone. – Not Our Pizza Stone!

If you’ve preheated your stone to prevent the dreaded thermal shock, you’ll also need to avoid putting a cool pizza base on top of your warm stone. This too, can create small fractures that cause cracking over time.

3.Removing the stone from the heat too quickly. – Not Our Pizza Stone!

Just as regular stones need to warm up gradually to avoid cracking, they need to cool down slowly too. If you’ve whacked your ready-to-eat pizza out of the oven or grill and put it on a cold or cool bench, you might get a surprise when your pizza stone shatters and leaves fragments through your food.

4. Handling your stone too much. – Not Our Pizza Stone!

A pizza stone might be called a ‘stone’ but they’re not usually as tough as you’d expect. With common use and not so careful handling onto and off cooking racks and pizza paddles, its internal strength often weaken and crack. In fact most pizza stones are made of a fragile materials like clay or ceramics which are expected to break and crack over time.

5. Using direct high heat. – Not Our Pizza Stone!

Most pizza stones aren’t designed to handle high direct heat environment of an outdoor pizza oven or grill. So, cranking up the heat also increases the risk of your stone shattering.  Most pizza stones state in the instructions and disclaimers not to use their pizza stones in ovens over 400 degrees and NEVER to use them over a flame or even over indirect heat of a grill.

What is Thermarite?

Thermarite is a specially formulated, high-density type of cordierite, a mineral that’s known for its excellent ability to handle temperature extremes. However, unlike regular cordierite, when thermarite is produced, it’s super-heated to over 2,000°F to further improve its strength, durability and thermal shock capabilities. The fire heat treatment in extremely high tempuratures also eliminates any offensive odors when heated like most other pizza stones give off. This means that unlike regular pizza stones, the Cast Elegance thermarite pizza stone for grilling can handle the max heat your oven or bbq grill puts out while still turning out perfectly cooked pizzas year after year. In being heated to these extremely high temperatures during production, any organic matter that could leave an undesirable smell on your food is also vaporized. This is how our professional grade stone doesn’t smell, even when it’s brand new, making it the best pizza stone for grill and ovens available.

Why Does Our Pizza Stone Make the Best Crispy Crust?

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But, not only does thermarite offer superior heat capabilities, it’s also more efficient at retaining and transferring heat from the grill stone to your pizza to absorb moisture from your dough. This helps to speed up cooking time and create a crispy base every time you cook.

One last and very important benefit of grilling pizzas on our thermarite stones, is its micro-pore structure. Thermarite itself helps to extract and absorb moisture to create the best, crispy crusts while the strength of the stone itself, protects your dough from burning in the high heat of your grill or outdoor pizza oven.

To test out the thermarite technology, we’ve even poured iced, cold water onto one of our pizza stones that had just been removed from a 500°F oven for over an hour. The result? The Cast Elegance pizza grill stone survived without ANY damage or cracking! It can, in fact, even handle much larger thermal shocks which is what makes it the best pizza stone for grill or outdoor pizza ovens.

Benefits of Cooking on the Best Pizza Stone for Grill

If you already have an outdoor pizza oven, you’ll be familiar with the beautifully charred flavor you can create when cooking a pizza over a wood, charcoal or gas fire.

But, if you’ve only got a grill, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s definitely not just a tool to cook hamburgers and hot dogs. Pizza is one of the tastiest and easiest things to cook over an outdoor grill and here’s why:

  • They’re a crowd pleaser! Everyone loves pizza so they’re an ideal thing to cook for guests.
  • You can dress up the toppings for something a little fancy or stick to the basics for the kids.
  • Everyone can make a pizza they love without you having to create the perfect menu.
  • Your guests can do the work for you by choosing their own toppings and assembling their own pizzas.
  • Pizzas are really fast to cook on the grill so there’s less time spent waiting hungry.
  • Home-cooked pizzas can make for an inexpensive mid-week or entertaining meal.
  • Clean up is easy! Simply wipe your stone instead of scrubbing away at messy grates and greasy bbq pits.

How to Grill Your Pizza Using a Cast Elegance Thermarite Pizza Stone

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This is what you’re going to need to get started:

  • A wood-fired, charcoal or gas grill with fuel
  • A Cast Elegance pizza stone for grill
  • Pizza dough or a pre-made pizza base
  • Your chosen pizza toppings
  • A large spatula
  • A sharp knife or pizza slicer
  • Optional – wood chips to add a slightly smoky flavor

Using your pizza stone on the grill:

  1. Prep everything – Cooking a pizza is much easier when you’ve got the bases rolled out and your ingredients chopped, pre-cooked, grated and laid out on the bench. This is even more of an essential stop when you’re setting up a pizza bar for your guests to create their own.
  2. Set up your grill – When grilling pizza, you’ll need to use indirect heat to avoid burning. Set your grill up accordingly. If you’re cooking on a gas grill, this will mean heating one side of the grill while leaving the other side off. If you’re using a wood-fired or charcoal grill, place the burning coals to one side of your bbq, making sure to leave plenty of space to add your pizzas where they’re NOT directly over the heat source.
  3. Pre-heat your stone – While the grill is heating, also add your grill stone. This will help it to heat up faster for more even cooking.
  4. Make your pizzas – Prepare your pizzas on a spare plate or chopping board.
  5. Cook your pizza – Once your stone is hot enough, carefully sprinkle some flour over the stone and add your pizza to the grill using a spatula. Initially, place the stone directly over or as close to the heat source as you can. This will help the crust to crisp up quickly. Once the crust starts to brown, move the stone away from the heat and continue to cook until the cheese has melted to your liking.
  6. Serve – Once your pizza has been grilled to perfection, use your spatula to remove it from your grill. Slice it, serve immediately and enjoy!

Tips for Using a Pizza Stone on the Grill

  • Although the Cast Elegance is the best pizza stone for grill and can handle a substantial amount of thermal shock, always preheat your cold stone before using it on the grill. This will speed up the cooking time and create a thoroughly crispy base.
  • To avoid your base from sticking to the stone, simply sprinkle a thin layer of flour over the stone before adding your pizza.
  • Pizzas do cook very quickly on the grill. Keep an eye on your pizza from the minute you put it in to avoid burning the crust. This may take as little as 3 minutes depending on the temperature of your grill.
  • Always transfer your pizza onto a chopping board before cutting as sharp objects may damage the surface of your grill stone.


Here are some Other Tips for Using a Pizza Stone on the Grill

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Cleaning your grill pizza stone:

  • Over time, you’ll notice discolored splatters on your stone. These are normal and won’t affect the longevity of your stone.
  • Avoid washing your stone with water and detergent. The moisture-absorbing nature of thermarite will cause your stone to soak up any product, tainting your food when you next cook.
  • To clean your grill stone, simply use the free spatula provided to scrape any hard residue off your Cast Elegance pizza stone. Then wipe with a dry towel to remove any loose remnants.

Other tips for using a grill pizza stone:

  • Pizza isn’t the only thing you can cook on the best stone money can buy! Try using it bake bread rolls or even cookies.
  • Most people find that the best place to store your pizza stone is in the oven or on the grill itself. This means that you won’t even have to remember to put your stone in to warm up, it’ll already be doing that for you.
  • Because our thermarite Cast Elegance pizza stone for grills holds the heat so well, ALWAYS be sure to use plenty of protection when picking up your stone. A regular tea towel or oven mitt might not be enough. Instead, double up or use an ultra-high heat oven mitt.
  • Feel free to leave your pizza stone on the grill to cool down with it.