Pizza Stones by Cast Elegance | Crack Resistant Thermarite


Made of Thermarite our pizza stones absorb more moisture in your pizza dough, and have superior heat retention and transfer creating the best most delicious crispy crust. Engineered to last with incredible industry leading durability, strength and superior thermal shock properties. Our Pizza Stones are designed to be used in BBQ grills or conventional ovens without cracking or breaking!


The Best Crispy Crust – Thermarite absorbs more moisture -superior heat retention & transfer. Engineered to last with better durability, strength & superior thermal shock. Use on Ovens & Grills!

Our Pizza Stones with Thermarite Technology

14″ Round Pizza Stone

Makes The Best Crispy Crust Pizza. Use the Only Pizza Stone with Thermarite. Durable, Certified Safe. Made for Ovens & Grills.

5 Star Pizza Stone

14×16″ Rectangle Pizza Stone

Buy the only Pizza Stone Engineered with Thermarite Technology. Best Crispy Pizza Crust. Use on Grills and Ovens and Certified Safe.

5 Star Pizza Stone


16″ Round Pizza Stone

Durable for use in Ovens & Grills! Thermarite Technology – Engineered Tuff Cordierite. Comes with a Free Recipe Ebook+ Free Scraper.

5 Star Pizza Stone

What are People Saying About Our Pizza Stone?

5 Star Pizza Stone

“I’ve been using the Cast Elegance pizza stone for a few months now. In the oven, it’s great (way better than any other pizza stone I’ve ever used) but my Akorn Kamado Grill takes it to a whole different level! Now, the family just LOVES baking pizza outdoors and prefer home-grilled pizza over takeout any day. Not only has it saved us a ton of money not having to go out for pizza, it’s healthier and definitely a fun family meal. We’ve used it so the kids and their friends can design their own authentic pizzas for sleepovers and parties and our friends enjoy coming over to create more gourmet-style pizzas too. It’s even become a bit of a weekly tradition between me and my husband to dream up some unique pizza toppings or even use different combinations of leftovers to create a no-fuss meal that’s utterly delicious. One of our favorite but more unusual grilled pizza toppings is leftover Indian chicken tikka masala with grilled onions and baby spinach leaves. If we’ve got leftover naan bread, we even just throw that straight onto the Cast Elegance pizza stone, top it and recook it quickly on the grill. We’ve tried almost every recipe in the free recipe guide that was included with the grill pizza stone too. The large chocolate cookie is 100% worth a try! Who knew you could use a quality pizza stone to cook desserts too?!? This stone is definitely a winner in our household!”  ~Karen

5 Star Pizza Stone

I bought a Cast Elegance pizza stone as a gift for my wife because pizza is without a doubt her favorite food. During the first week of having the stone, I think we ate pizza every single night but you didn’t hear any complaints from me here! I was really impressed with what my wife could whip up on it and she doesn’t think she can even buy a regular pizza again. We’ve used the Cast Elegance pizza stone in the oven and on both our charcoal and gas grills. It didn’t take long for us to get used to adjusting the heat to get it just right for each of these different methods. Pizza on the charcoal grill is by far my favorite though. We’re looking forward to enjoying many more pizzas cooked on the grill and a few of our friends have bought them too after trying ours.” ~Don

5 Star Pizza Stone

“I bought the Cast Elegance pizza stone for grill several weeks ago and used it for the first time yesterday. I couldn’t believe how incredibly good the crust turned out! It was just how I like it, crispy but not at all burnt. The toppings were perfectly cooked too. It’s so much better than my old stone that broke when I used it one the grill (I know that you can’t just use any type of pizza stone for bbq pizza now). I researched the best pizza stones for the grill for days before deciding on this one and am so glad I bought it. I’ve got a very hot grill so just kept it at half heat, warmed the pizza stone for about 8 minutes and then it only took about 5 minutes for my pizza to cook perfectly. Two bits of advice for anyone thinking of buying a Cast Elegance pizza stone, know your grill and play around with the settings until you find the right heat level and don’t hesitate – just buy one – you won’t regret it!”  ~Marcella

5 Star Pizza Stone

I don’t normally write reviews about products I buy but this pizza stone for the grill is seriously 5 stars and I mean it! When it arrived in the box, I was so pleased to see it didn’t have that horrible smell that my old pizza stone originally had. This meant that I was able to use it for the first time to cook pizzas for about 20 guests we had over. Just 5 minutes on the gas grill at about 575°F and they came out perfectly with a medium to thick crust. People were seriously eating them as fast as I could make them. I had to grab a couple of slices before I served them up for myself to see what all the fuss was about and, wow! If you love real, authentic pizza with a nice chewy crust and hot toppings and perfectly melted cheese (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) then this is the pizza stone for you. It’s about 5/8” thick, very durable and ready to go out of the box. I simply followed the instructions about heating it up and used a freshly-made store bought pizza dough on it. It couldn’t be any easier to clean too. It’s home-made grilled pizza again for me tonight!”  ~Patrick

Our Pizza Stones Story

CastElegance is a business founded by two longtime friends, both engineers, with a strong preference for quality. Fads come and go, but we think most people would rather invest in fairly priced, well-designed products that perform and endure year after year.

Something else we have in common is the joy we take in cooking as a ritual and a creative art. More importantly, gathering friends and family around the table to enjoy a meal you’ve prepared yourself is a bonding experience. Whether you’re a seven-days-a-week cook or an occasional chef, we hope you’ll be happy, for years to come, that you chose CastElegance.

Pizza Stone


What Makes Our Pizza Stone So Special?

Thermarite is a high density, FDA certified safe, special form of cordierite that has been fire treated at over 2000 degrees fahrenheit engineering strength with amazing thermal shock capabilities, making our pizza stone crack resistant and extremely durable.

Our Pizza Stone is made with our specially formulated Thermarite technology that withholds heat and transfers it directly and evenly into your pizza crust, making the most delicious crispy pizza crust.

A Pizza Stone made with Thermarite and absorbs an incredible amount of moisture. Our micro-pore structure is highly absorbent extracting and absorbing the majority of the moisture from your pizza dough creating our signature crispy crust.

The Cast Elegance Pizza Stone is made from Thermarite which fire treated in direct heat of over 2000 degrees that completely destroys any organic matter, creating a professional high grade pizza stone that has no odor when heated unlike other pizza stones.

Unlike most other pizza stones you can use our pizza stone in a conventional oven, charcoal or gas grill. – Thermarite will not crack under direct heat from the flames inside of a grill.

Our pizza stone is Certified Safe and easily passed the United States Food and Drug Administration’s stringent guidelines as well as the strict standards of the RoHS, and the European Union and German Food Code Safety Standards.

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